More than 24,000 volunteers turned out, even in the icy, cold, frosty and rainy weather to carefully lay 245,000 remembrance wreaths at grave sites at Arlington National Cemetery. The Wreaths Across America ceremony took place for the 25th year Saturday December 17, 2016. The theme for this year’s event was #SayTheirNames.
The convoy of volunteers brings several hundred truckloads of wreaths from Maine to Arlington leaving behind a sea of wreaths with red ribbons on the headstones at Arlington National Cemetery.
The wreaths are placed at grave sites nationwide to honor and remember fallen veterans and their service. After placing a wreath, volunteers are encouraged to take time to read the headstone, to honor the memory of that fallen hero and to say the veteran’s name out loud.
The Rotarians from the Rotary Club of Leesburg who participated were club president Dan Hampton, Chuck Reavis, Hugh Forsythe, Tom Horne, Howard Moody and Bill Blessing.  Guests from the club included Dan Hamptons family Ron Hampton (father), Janet Hampton (mother), Corie Hampton (sister) and Chris McAlister (Air Force Reserves).

Photo’s courtesy of Ron Hampton.

Wreaths are all brought in by volunteers by convoy from Maine.
L to R: Chris McAlister, Bill Blessing, Howard Moody, Dan Hampton, Hugh Forsythe and Tom Horne.
L to R: Corie Hampton, Janet Hampton, Ron Hampton.
Placing the wreaths to honor the fallen, read the headstone and say the Veteran's name out loud.
A sea of wreaths and red ribbons.
A sea of wreaths and red ribbons.