They came, they clubbed, they hacked and they conquered – all in the name of a worthy cause and the opportunity to graze through “internationally renowned kitchens” for an afternoon.  The occasional international incident (friendly fire) and temperature aside, the tournament was a resounding success, so much so that our esteemed President Tony has plans to expand the Polish team next year (yet again) and aspires to occupy the entire house facing the garage.  It should be recorded that Wiley Russell deployed very devious means to distract male members of opposing teams and thereby gain advantage for the German team. Aprons displaying the Double D Anatomy of frolicking frauleins were fastened to the otherwise perfect ladies of the German team and they were sent forth to fulfill Wiley’s plan to create mayhem.  After a glass or two of the potent liqueurs on hand, fact became increasingly blurred with fiction for some and many a second glance was directed at the “aprons”.  A big thank you to the referees (the bruises will heal in time) the team captains, chefs and all those who made this Stickey Wicket a major success.