Rotarian grillmeisters and servers provided a picnic dinner for 42 people at the 16th Annual Thomas Horne Leadership in the Law Camp. The attendees included 24 students from high schools across the region who competed to attend this highly-regarded camp. The camp was named after one of our own Rotarians and former Loudoun County Circuit Court Judge Tom Horne who had a vision for a community outreach program related to law. The camp gives rising seniors a glimpse of the judicial system.
Since its inception, The Rotary Club of Leesburg has supported the annual Law Camp with a picnic. This year, sixteen Rotarians participating in the event included Tony Aiken, Pam Banks, Valerie Beaudoin, Chris Fristad. Janice Fristad. Rachel G. de Llanos, Tom Horne, Rich Jollon, Carole Maloney, Chuck Maloney, Bob Noe, Chuck Reavis, Ron Rogos, Phil Rusciolelli, Judy Smith and Jaro Vitazka.  Photo collage contributed by Rotarians Ron Rogos and Janice Fristad.