On December 8, 2017, Rotarians under the leadership of Phil Daley, put up the Rotary Christmas tree at Jeff Mitchell and Matt Burn's office. 
Fred Williams- Club President and high light placement specialist.
Phil Daley- Our fearless leader, chain saw operator and Project Manager; holding the lights and insisting that he didn’t select this bunch.
Tom Gates-Chaplain; holding the ladder and praying that Fred doesn’t fall. In charge of lights and ladders.
Chuck Reavis -photographer and ladderman.
Chris Fristad-who most importantly brought donuts and coffee.
Jake Jacobson -Senior Commander and Quality Assurance Manager; just can’t believe what he is seeing.
George Webber -Chief Engineer; who engineered the whole project but not claiming any structural responsibility.
Ron Rogos -Chief Electrician and ladder climber; grabs a wire to test if the current is “on”.
John Rust-who came for lunch afterwards.