Our speaker, Larry Turner retired from the Army in 2004 and currently works in the Pentagon as a policy writer.  A goodly part of his Army career was spent training as an artillery officer, along with equal time as an Inspector General and Intelligence Officer.
He joined the Kernstown Battlefield Association in the fall of 2015, began giving guided tours of the battlefield and the Pritchard house in 2016, and was voted to join the Board of Directors in 2017.
Recognizing the importance of artillery in the Battle of First Kernstown, he started reading up on the artillery weapons employed, where one question led to another resulting in his finding out some intriguing facts about the development, manufacture, and use of artillery fuses, particularly time, percussion and concussion fuses.
KBA Overview Presentation Outline:
  • Explains the history of the farm property, its four owners, and its acquisition by the KBA;
  • Gives an outline of the 5 battles fought on the property;
  • Explains our restoration work on the Pritchard House;
  • Lists our future goals.