Tonight’s Program: Brian Ericksen
Mr. Brian Ericksen is an Iraq and Afghan veteran with logistics,
analysis and program management experience. He served with 1st
Ranger Battalion/75th Ranger Regiment, 11 SF Group (Res.) and
318 PCH (Res).
He currently works as a Department of Defense (DoD) Contractor
with ManTech International, where he has assisted with the rapid
prototype development of new technologies to support military and
civilian bomb technicians.
From 2013-2017, Brian was the owner of Heaven and Earth Aikido
and Zen Meditation Center, a traditional Japanese martial arts school
dedicated to assisting individuals transforming themselves through
mindful practice.
Brian has also been an Intelligence Analyst with DoD; a Senior
Systems Analyst for the Department of State; and a Director of Pre-
Deployment at Aegis MEP LLC, among other assignments.
He received a BA in Mathematics and Philosophy from St. John's