Last week, we had three more new Paul Harris Fellow recognitions!  Tom Horne reminded us all what The Rotary Foundation means to our community and the world at large and helped recognize Katie Mann, Omar Saleh and Dave Struba as our Club’s newest members to this prestigious group.  Judy Smith noted that our Club was given a “shout out” from the International Office at the President-Elect Training Institute she attended last week for the large number of new PHF’s we have added this year – they know we exist!

Pam Banks told us that Marlena Schoppert won our Student Essay Contest.  Her essay will be entered in the Rotary District 6710 contest later this month.

Guests at the meeting included Olivia Page, the Shenandoah Valley University student who received our Monroe Technology Center scholarship last year – and her grades have been outstanding this year!  Also joining us were Steve Gehring from his Rotary Club in South Dakota and Ben Saul’s fiancé, Lindsey Kurland.

Chuck Maloney reported that he and Carole had visited Larry Schiro earlier in the week, following his hip replacement surgery, and he was doing quite well.

Ron Rogos reported that we now have seven Croquet Teams and expect to generate one more from the other Loudoun Rotary Clubs, bringing the number to the targeted eight for the event at Jim Gable’s home on Sunday, June 9th.  Club Members will receive an invitation in the mail this next week; so, please look for it and respond promptly.  It will be another fun time.

Ben Saul and Joe Price brought their power point presentations and senses of humor to the meeting as they told us about their families, how they got into their chosen professions and what Rotary means to them – reinforcing the fact that our own Club Members are truly exceptional people and provide some of the best programs we have, year in and year out.

Yours in Rotary Service

Mike Casey