Membership provides plenty of activities from social events to hands-on projects. Though not required, you can join any of our committees, become an officer, or start your own committee. Prospective members must be sponsored by a current Rotarian.

The financial commitment to join the Rotary Club of Leesburg is as follows:

Admission Fee for New Rotarian: $75

Dues and Fees

Quarterly Dues $30.00

Every Rotarian Every Year* $25/qtr.

Dinner (usually 13 per quarter) $24/meal

* This amount is paid to the Rotary Foundation and is optional.

Dues are billed at the end of each quarter.

A typical quarterly bill is $370.00, mostly for weekly meals. Meals are an obligation whether meeting was attended or not, unless a make-up meal is credited for visiting another club or an official Rotary meal event.