Perry Winston Scholarship
The Rotary Club of Leesburg Perry Winston Scholarship Is an annual scholarship awarded to high school seniors who have been accepted to an accredited college/ university or community college. Each year, two scholarships in the amount of $10,000 each are awarded along with a Pathways scholarship and a Monroe Tech scholarship. The criteria for the scholarship is: demonstrated community service, academic achievement, financial need, and graduation from of the three Leesburg high schools. All applicants are required to complete a 500 word essay and participate in a personal interview if selected as a finalists.
In addition to helping establish the Rotary Scholarship Fund, Perry Winston, a prominent local banker, was instrumental in starting several other significant scholarship programs. He was the architect of the largest scholarship in Loudoun County, the Hess Scholarship. Mr. and Mrs. Hess were Loudoun educators. When Mrs. Hess passed away, Perry Winston suggested a scholarship be established to honor her life as an educator. In 1983, Mr. Hess attended the 1st presentation to a student of a 4 year $2,500 award. Mr. Hess passed away shortly after and left the remainder of his estate to the scholarship fund named after him. The following year, 1984, Perry created the Marian Simpson Scholarship. Mrs Simpson was the wife of J. Lupton Simpson, of whom a Leesburg Middle School was named.
At a Rotary dinner meeting, Perry Winston, Joe Kelly, Cliff Bullard and Jim Dennison, incoming president, discussed the scholarship needs. Cliff Bullard recommended that it would be beneficial to have Rotary sponsor a scholarship. The group agreed to meet in the board room at the Peoples National Bank to discuss its startup.
In 1985, at Perry's request the Rotary Board approved the Leesburg Rotary Scholarship Fund. This was chartered in December 1985, and on December 31, 1985 the fund was officially incorporated by the State Corporation Commission. The original intent was to create an endowment large enough to fund the scholarships from the earnings off the principal.
The first president of the Scholarship Fund was Jim Dennison and officers were Dean Worcester, George Roberson, Tom Horne, and Paul Smith. Original funding was contributed by Perry Winston and two anonymous Rotarians. The first two recipients were Gary Caton and Tonya Stevens, both from Loudoun County High School. These first two scholarships were each $1,500. In 1988, there were three scholarships awarded to: Rebecca Keys of Loudoun County, Charity Kirby of Broad Run and Amanda Brown of Loudoun County HS. In 1990, the scholarship amount was increased to $2,500 per student.
Past presidents have included Jim Dennison, Perry Winston, Joe Kelly, Jeff Mitchell, Ilhami Konur and Ernie Carnevale. The current president is Valerie Beaudoin with Phil Daley as vice-president, Tony Aiken as treasurer and Katie Gould as secretary. Members of the committee are Ernie Carnevale, Ron Rogos, Chuck Maloney, Carole Maloney, Jewel Emswiller, Jeff Mitchell, Wiley Russell, Fred Williams, Steve Chapin and Howard Moody. The current president of the Rotary Club automatically sits on the Scholarship Fund Board of Directors. The board meets monthly at the home of Tony Aiken. The present criteria for awarding the two $10,000 scholarships paid over 4 years involve:
  1. academic achievement
  2. financial need
  3. community service
  4. acceptance into a 4 year college, university or community college